Bottles processed in December till January 20 2013

Jean Lenoir on Sunday, January 20 2013, 06:18 PM
Hi everybody,

Here are the record of bottle processed. If you have any of these, il will help (as long as we share the same taste ;)
* African Rock Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 14.0% : very agressive taste at sample, made it a rich deep drink processed 2'30'' (South Africa)
* Drayton's Bellevue 2012 Merlot 13,5% : good wine made excellent and aged, processed 1' (Australia)
* Drayton's Bellevue 2012 Merlot 13,5% : another bottle was processed a further 30" and made berry fruit extraordinary enriched (this recipe on personal application for identified customers only) which did not so much appear before (Australia) - a grand improvement
* Château Haut Montizeau, Premières Côtes de Blaye 2004 12%, sour character unpleasantly increased, was erased by 1'15" process (France)
* Half a bottle of second Drayton's and Château Haut Montizeau mixed and processed with a further 1' made a rich mellow balanced bottle
* Pinotage Paarl 2006 14%, processed 30" from a very straight wine revealed spicy and mellow characters (South Africa)
* Riparian 2012 Gisborne Pinot Gris 13%, flat character enhanced in deep matured taste, processed 1'30" (New Zealand)
* Côtes de Bourg 2006 12,5% sour tanin erased, processed 1'45" (France)
* Gunn estate 2011 Pinot Noir 13,5% (2 bottles) well balanced taste with length in mouth, not processed (New Zealand)
* Old Coach Road 2011 Merlot 13,5%, high acidity and sour taste lowered to acceptable level, processed 1' (New Zealand)
* Bourgogne Grand Ordinaire 2009 12,5%, unpleasant wine made acceptable, processed 2' (France)
* Mildara Shiraz 2012 Yellow label 13,5%, young astringent and acid characters largely decreased, processed 2'30" (Australia)
* Bordeaux Fontagnac 2007 12% (Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon) passed its aged and processed 2' for a nice backward effect (France)
* Zenith Pinot Gris Gisborne 2012 13% was bubbling during 20" process which made fruits characters enhanced and great (New Zealand)
* Magie Rouge Madiran 2005 13,5% truly in its best characters with fruit and spices, not processed (France)
* Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie 2007 12% from passed over its age turned in very good muscadet, process 1' (France)
* OBIKWA Pinot Noir 2012 12,5% clean and mellow, 30" process (South Africa)
* Pioneers Rest Shiraz 2012 13,5%, unpleasant in mouth on sample and made it very clean and balanced, process 1'30" (Australia)
* Castelmaure Corbières Grande Cuvée 2004 (2 bottles) 14,5% at best one can find, not processed (France)
* Côtes du Rhône Villages Marius Charpin 2004 13,5% overpassed its age and made acceptable and clean, processed 2' (France)
* Castillo de Aguaron Gran Reserva 2000 12,5%, 20th bottle on 24 drank the past few years, huge and not processed (Spain)
* Lochiel Estate Rosé 2010 13%, from acid and difficult turned to pleasant as a French Claret, bubbling when processed 1'15" (New Zealand)
* Jurançon Domaine Bousquet 2000 12,5%, so perfect with the Foie Gras, not processed (France)

Of course we drank also a lot of excellent Champagne of our Cellar and brought by our guests, as well as spirits processed or not.

Tell us our bottles

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