Alexander (Guest) on Wednesday, November 21 2012, 06:01 PM
Found that when temperature increase is slow or it gets stable, process has to be stopped. Folks do it for best taste and product

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    Replied by Community Manager on Friday, November 23 2012, 10:26 PM · Hide · #1

    Rapid change in temperature is an indication of sonochemical reactions. However it is not an absolute rule. We processed this morning a AGUARON, very good red of Zaragossa region vintage 2000. For the second time this year we did 20 seconds and from a very good wine(I could never imagine when I purchased 24 bottles in 2003, I would process it) we obtained an amazing upgrading despite the wine has not passed at all. However temperature rapidly made +4C in 20 seconds and that it much.
    Therefore your remark has an accuracy which is not an absolute rule.
    Keep on using the machine by little steps, even when temperature goes high but do not forger to taste by steps. Thus you find the way you want to drink your wine, spirit, fruit juice, cold brewed tea or coffee etc


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