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When you wish to process teas (or coffees) you can use a coffee spoon to move the tea bags (or coffee beans. The results are amazing and not below of what is described in For me I go over the recommended quantity of water with 4 bags of tea, instead of 3 and I have processed in such a way 2/3 of liters of water - moving every minute during 4-5 seconds moving up and down the bags (or the beans).
A the end of the 6 minutes (I did red teas and Twinings' Earl Grey as well as Italian roasted beans).
Then I get a cup of crusted ice in the bonificateur and turn gently until it melts : good lord, it makes by 750 ml of a cool magnificent drink with a nice aftertaste lasting at least a quarter an hour.
Do it when you are back from the WE with your ADAGE machine. Otherwise contact the Spirit of Agnès Sorel Manor in Mangawhai to attend a wine, spirit and your best preferred cold brewed : see you !

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    Replied by Gena on Tuesday, December 04 2012, 11:13 PM · Hide · #1
    Hi Jean,
    I have tried your recipe. It makes delicious cold brew drinks... Please tell us about all your experiments : they are so fantastic ! We love them

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