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Wine Lover (Guest) on Monday, December 03 2012, 12:00 PM
I thought it was a catastrophie, my favourite $10 bottle of Pinot Noir had been rebranded and they must have changed the graps as it was all of a sudden to bitter and left me with a rough feeling in the mornings.... no good! So I started banging it through the Bonificateur for 1.5 minutes before drinking it and WOW, fixed the bitter taste and stopped the morning reminders of the wine drank the previous night! Fantastic result I would recommend you try it, beats having to apy through the nose for something further up the shelf.
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    Replied by Jean Lenoir on Tuesday, December 04 2012, 10:05 PM · Hide · #1
    First Mangawhai comment ! Hey man thank you time come and choose in my cellar one bottle. You deserve it. There are quite a lot of bonificateurs in Mangawhai and you're are the very first to come here. So congrats and keep on well drinking (but responsibly;)). You'll avoid some ****** products they put (and ultrasound selected frequencies break) to spoil your health with some nasty things that silently come.
    And in your job it's better to have clear ideas in the morning when pushing the door of your office.

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