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Jean Lenoir on Friday, April 19 2013, 04:12 PM
Comme on dit en français dans le désordre...;)
As we say in French without filing...;)

F Médoc Cru Bourgeois Château Sigognac 2001 12.5° : 2' backward effect to a wine having passed its best
AUS Hardy's Sauvignon blanc : 1' fantastic fruity characters revealed in this bottle
F Bordeaux Loupiac Domaine Bois de Roche, Cuvée prestige 13.5° : 20" erased a very light bitterness for this great liquorous wine
AUS Jacob's Creek Moscato 2012 7.2° : very good aperitive wine with small bubbles - not processed (also as for the bubbling character)
AUS Jacob's Creek Chardonnay 2012 12.7° : difficult wine to be cleaned, 2' made it more mellow, richer taste and aged
AUS Mc Guigan Merlot 2011 12.5° : 1'15" erased bitterness and made it great
F Côte du Rhône Village 2004 13.5° : 2'45" regained youth with cancellation of acidity and bitterness to very acceptable drink
NZ Young Nick Gisborne Pinot Gris 2012 13°: not processed, a splendid gris
F Cuvée du Pas de Lièvre Faugères 2007 13°: my friend Jean-Paul's one of best products, obviously not processed
F Bourgogne Grand Ordinaire 12.5° : this wine was processed 2'30" on 31 July 2011 and untouched until February of this year, going well...
F Listel Cépages Grenache Cinsault, vin de sable rosé 12.5° : 30" mellower
M Domaine Toulal, Gris de Gerrouane 2009 13° : 1'15" with sour after taste fully erased
AUS Pioneers Rest Vintage 2012 Shiraz 13.5°: exquisite - not processed
AUS Jacob's Creek Pinot Noir 2012 13.2°: 2'30" turned of high rough and acid character into an average drinkable bottle
NZ Corban's Pinot Gris 2011 11°: 1'45" necessary to makd a balanced and tasty pinot gris
NZ Greystone Waipara Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2011 13.5° : 2' to abtain a purer stone taste (was mixed with bitterness)
F Mons Despagne Graves 2006 12°: 1'15" in order to reveal full fruity character for this Graves
AUS Jacob's Creek Merlot 2012 14°: 50" for a fantastic bodied merlot
F Corbières 2008 12.5° : 3' pleasant to drink from very poor acid wine

SCOT Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky LEGEND 40° : famous taste of peats as a Talisker has, 5' turns it mellow and aged from very harsh in

And also:

lors d'un déplacement de 3 jours en Alsace en février dernier, j'ai fait le point avec Jérôme, un grand ami, un palais averti et une très belle cave magnifiquement fournie. Son diagnostic après 6 mois d'utilisation d'ADAGE: parfait pour des vins jeunes, nécessite beaucoup de doigté pour des grands crus ou des millésimes (lorsqu'un traitement s'avère nécessaire) ,et, pour les alcools il a osé un long traitement sur un vieux whisky de 50 ans d'âge brut de distillation (74°) et en est tombé à la renverse tant le résultat était extraordinaire. Jérôme l'utilise aussi régulièrement pour débarrasser l'eau de Strasbourg de son mauvais goût. Nous étions au Diana à Molsheim où la table est à recommander.

taking opportunity of a 3 days trip in Alsace in February 2013, Jérôme, a great friend, with a connoisseur palate and a beautiful cellar superbly catered we made a survey. His statement, after a six month use of ADAGE: perfect for young wines, requires skill for great or vintage bottles (when a process is made necessary), and, for spirits he dared to a lenghty process on an old half a century scotch directly bottled from the distillery (74°) and almost capsized so the result was extraordinary. Jérôme uses it also on a regular basis to erase bad aftertaste of water tap in Strasbourg. We dined at Diana in Molsheim to be recommended for nice food and wines.

A bientôt

So long
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