adage-facadeThe beverage processor has been designed with your safety in mind, but due care must be exercised while operating an electrical appliance to avoid any possibility of personal injury or property damage.

Before using your processor, carefully read all of the instructions and safety precautions provided to ensure safe operation.

The processor using low power, low frequency ultrasound to promote reactions in wines and spirits by restructuring complex chemicals that influence the quality, taste, smoothness and aroma of the beverage.

During normal operation, a high pitch sound may be generated by some beverages due to high energy reactions. Some people may find this high pitched sound annoying.

Please Read the Instructions in Full before operating your processor:

pdfHS-750 Manual1.61 MB The latest instruction manual for your machine.

pdfImproving Alcoholic Beverages72.29 KB Explains how your machine works and what it really does to improve the quality and taste of alcoholic beverages.

pdfPersonal beverage processing chart7.98 KB A simple chart you can use to record your settings and times when processing your favorite beverages.

pdfSpirits processing guide461.76 KB information to help you get the best taste from spirits and liqueurs.

pdfWine processing guide482.12 KB provides information to help you get the best taste from still wines.

pdfCold Brew Tea processing guide provides information to help you get the best cold brew tea.

Cold Brew Tea and Coffee

Find out more about using the processor for Cold Brew Tea and Cold Brew Coffee