Hot Summer News from France

jean-arbogastINVINO is proud to introduce Jean ARBOGAST and announce a great partnership with him.

Jean ARBOGAST is a famed Oenologist* from the Alsace area and a former wine grower.

After we met him in July in Strasburg, he has been doing a lot of wines and spirits tests and tastings with our Bonificateur ADAGE.

Deeming that the effects are astonishing and improving so many beverages, he has come to an agreement with us at the end of August. He will introduce Bonificateur ADAGE in the wine tasting sessions he organizes twice a week for drinkers who want to improve their knowledge about the art of drinking, and at the same time improve their favorite beverages.

Jean is also helping us to promote the sales of our household appliance, not only in France but in various countries where he is active - countries as different as Moldavia and Japan, for instance.

There's a famous story about Jean Arbogast and how he discovered the taste of New Zealand wines without any prior knowledge of New Zealand.

"A few years ago he participated in a blind tasting in Nantes. He was submitted what he felt was a Sauvignon blanc he stated could not be from a French Region. However his theoretical knowledge of soils in various country made him declare it was a Sauvignon blanc from a New Zealand South Island origin. And this was correct! It was also the first Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc that he had drunk."

*Oenology is the science and study of all aspects of wine and winemaking.