DEC 3 bottles story

Last Thursday was the time to process a nice and dense Pinotage 14° of alcohol from South Africa : rich in berry tastes with a slight sour character. Without any hesitation 30" in the tank and that was enough. It was a far greater bottle we have finished this Tuesday, one glass every two meals to increase the pleasure.

Saturday we had a dinner party where we wanted to indulge among the very first users of ADAGE in Mangawhai. We had one of these chicken recipe from Philippines Yancee knows how to make delicious. Of course we needed a Pinot Gris to go with : why not that case of twelve RIPARIAN Gisborne Pinot Gris we have received the day before.

Been busy and no time to check : for the French apéro our friends suggested we started with the Pinot out of the fridge. They liked it but I personnally found it a flat Pinot Gris not even with some charming light acidity which characterizes often young wine. So we drank it like this and during the dinner ...despite the fact that I was really, really disappointed.

So Sunday morning I opened the third bottle in the fridge and granted it a 30" ...not much apart of a huge 9°C increase in the bonificateur, hint that a lot of chemicals were affected by the UT of the machine. 30" more and I found a little undefined but promising change. A final 30" and I was not sure but not to keep on... At dinner DIVINE SURPRISE, Jesus-Christ - one really great Pinot Gris so flavoured and even going close to the Riesling taste of Alsace that some great Pinot Gris turns. I will not finish this bottle, with the black cap that enables to have the air pumped out (sorry I am French and does not even know how we call that exactly in my country !), before Friday. Do pop around for a wine tasting and I will show you what to indulge oneself really means !

That bottle with the cork is not French. I was offered it in 2010 : it is from Matakana 2007 Syrah from CONTOUR ESTATE. I had opened it at the beginning of the dinner : a well balanced flavourful Syrah deserving fully its reserve label. The cork is a rarity in NZ and CONTOUR ESTATE was a small vineyard where vine has been eradicated when they sold recently the property. Unfortunately I have no other bottle ...but feel free to come with one if you own one of these heavy splendour in your cellar to enjoy it with the cuisine of my wife.

Don't be shy : we like to share some nice meal with wine lovers.

rsz Pinotage06-Contour07-Riparian12