Hello everyone: wine, spirits and good stuffs lovers, 

It's long since we met. In our series of commercial articles we showed our bonificateur Adage in various uses.

It is such a new concept of the Art of drinking

Channel Magazine in February 2013 gives the tune of this statement.

Only wise people know that in what of they drink (or eat) there is good and less good. Production goes too fast. Financial conditions make the product ...and future disorders for health. And, also, we get accustomed to drink fast and not to sip slowly the flavours of excellent bottles.

We have made a bottle of natural perfume in by an hour, an invented and customized one ...with flowers from our garden, rum, lemon and ginger. This may seem incredible but it is obvious reality from sonochemical reactions implemented by Ultrasound Technique. And it was so cheap less than 3$ for 300 ml. Perfume makers are wasting energy and chemistry to make costly products with sometimes by-effects such as allergies or asthma.

To show what sort of combination one's can make from natural product, I, a few days ago, made my own ice cream (within 3 minutes as usual): 300 g of feijoas and 150 g of red guava, 2 apples, 200 g of yoghurt and 2 white of eggs and white sugar (I "invented" the use of yoghurt and white of eggs 25 years ago and, since, I always produce my own ice creams). After blending it by 2 minutes it was the colour of strawberry but also the taste of strawberry. Amazing ! My wife and myself we were amazed and decided to serve to our future invitees, just not saying anything to get their reactions...

May be will you get your ADAGE before the 20 next years, the time it was necessary to have the actual start of car sales...

Do as the previous time to find the Article in CHANNEL's : it is page 94 and 95 !