In January 2011 Jean LENOIR became acquainted with the inventors Frank and Judy of a mysterious technology that was making wines and spirits really great.

Jean himself, as a Frenchman, is a wines and spirits lover. A few months after and a lot of talks INVINO LTD started and Jean would be his director. INVINO LTD has now reached the commercialisation operations phase.

Distributorship and a great story of dynamical wines and spirits tasting now run with Bonificateur ADAGE, a fantastic advance in the way of drinking from Ultrasound Technology.

Jean is proud to tell the story of Frank and Judy of My Drink My Way International, Inc who are the suppliers of Bonificateur ADAGE appliances.

Our beginnings through to the development of a revolutionary new household appliance were basically due to the economic downturn that started in 2008.

By 2009, many of our friends in the US were forced to reduce the level of their discretionary spending in order to survive the downturn in their business revenues.

This meant that they could no longer afford to buy the premium wines and spirits that they were used to drinking. Instead, they were buying more economical and mid ranged products.

The downside of drinking these products was that they were usually astringent and bitter, not very tasty and often produced side effects.

On one trip to the USA, while doing an R&D project, several friends asked whether there was a way that these products could be improved.

After returning to Devonport New Zealand in March 2009, we immediately tried some experiments with equipment that was used for another R&D program. The first results were very promising.

From there we spent the next two years developing the technology which ended up as a household appliance that any consumer can use to make their alcoholic beverages taste the way they want them.

On the way, we first approached large distillers and several winemakers to try the technology which could be easily placed inline to process their products. However, even after positive tasting results by their experts all decided that they were not interested at that time. We felt that 2009 and 2010 may have been lean years for these producers.

So, at the beginning of 2011 we decided that we would create a household appliance for consumers that is now available for sale.

We are now developing a four liter (one gallon) product for bars and restaurants, and have plans to start the development of the industrial inline product once we have some interest. We have started the four liter processor because we have found many owners who have a real interest.

In mid 2011 we obtained provisional patents on our consumer and industrial beverage processors.